Our Services

Background Assurance Services can provide you and your human resource department with a thorough background check — accurate and confidential in all respects — on individuals who apply for employment with your organization.

We provide a wide range of services to help you learn or verify vital background information. Employers can choose the services they require including:

• Criminal Records
• Civil Records
• Address History
• Sex Offender Registry
• Employment Verification
• Education Verification
• Motor Vehicle Driver Records
• Professional License Verification

Collecting or verifying this critical information about candidates for employment can be difficult and time consuming. Background Assurance Services gathers this information discreetly, and provides a comprehensive, confidential report to you in a timely and efficient manner. Only then can an individual’s qualifications be fairly judged and evaluated.

We can customize our services into packages suitable for your organization’s specific needs. Every business and every job is unique. Our personal attention to the profile of your applicant is reflected in the service you will receive. Efficient, swift, and individual attention encompass how we work.